Hurricane Sandy Insurance Claim Lawyers

Following the devastating caused by Hurricane Sandy, home and business owners saw to the needs of their families before beginning the process of rebuilding what was lost, filing thousands of hurricane insurance claims against policies they had paid high premiums for which were meant to protect them against just such a disaster. Many property owners filing Sandy insurance claims are still waiting on payments however, as insurance companies engage in bad faith practices designed to avoid their obligations under customers’ policies.

If you have experienced unreasonable delays in your payment, are being pressured into accepting a low-ball offer, or have been issued an outright insurance claim denial, it is absolutely essential that you obtain skilled legal representation right away to protect your rights and interests against the dishonest business tactics practiced by far too many insurers. With an insurance claims lawyer from Williams Hart at your side, you will have access to the resources and experience of an established and successful firm, putting you on equal footing with the insurer attempting to deny you the full payment you are entitled to.

In addition to contacting an insurance claims lawyer as soon as possible, make sure you follow these steps while dealing with your insurance company:

  • Secure a copy of your policy which you can refer to when necessary
  • Take extensive notes of every phone conversation with a representative of the insurance company such as their name, contact number, and the time of the conversation
  • When the adjuster is on site take note of what they inspect, what questions they ask, and whether they investigate common problem areas such as the roof and attic
  • Create an exhaustive inventory of your personal possessions and gather invoices and receipts for any improvements you have made to the property.

Protect your rights, protect your family, and call the insurance claim attorneys at Williams Hart today at 888-384-6376.